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Sacramento Kings Relocation Rumors: Billionaire Ron Burkle Interested In Buying Team, Keeping Them In State Capital

There were a lot of plans thrown out in the past few months about keeping the Kings in Sacramento. However, until someone started issuing a concrete plan, nothing seemed to stick. Money talks, and until someone ponied up a real deal, it wasn't likely that there would be any real hope of stopping whatever relocation the Maloofs (owners of the team) had planned.

But there might still be hope. It seems Mayor Kevin Johnson still does have one last-ditch effort to preserve the team as the state capital's only major franchise. A group run by billionaire Ron Burkle seems to be making a big pitch to try and keep the team where it is by buying the team from Joe and Gavin Maloof. As has been pointed out about everywhere, the relocation fees to Anaheim would be hefty, and would likely set back the Kings owners quite a lot financially, meaning there would be no immediate financial relief. Perhaps a deal could be made that would work to serve the self-interest of all parties involved. Check out the press release here.

More importantly, the name of Burkle has piqued the interest of the most influential voice in NBA circles. Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated reports.

Burkle been working on this for weeks. When KJ told Stern he had a possible buyer, the commish made crack about it being a local car dealer. He dropped Burkle's name, and source says Stern went quiet. "You've got Burkle?"

Stern's piqued interest in a guy like Burkle could mean a lot. The NBA is always interested in deals that involve more money for them; comparing the track record of the mismanaged Maloof family and a true businessman like Burkle is like night and day.

Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story from Sactown Royalty.