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VIDEO: Sacramento Kings Announcers Jerry Reynolds & Grant Napear Cry Before Signing Off

In the NBA media community, Sacramento Kings play-by-play man Grant Napear and director of player personnel/TV analyst Jerry Reynolds aren't just announcers, they're institutions. For around a quarter of a century (Napear for 23 years, Reynolds for 25), both of these individuals have been heavily involved in covering the team and ensuring the best possible product goes out to the fans that support the franchise on the boob tube.

So it should come as no surprise that after their season finale to the Lakers, they finally let their emotions hang out.

Grant & Jerry Emotional Signoff Kings 2010-11 Season (via kingsflix)

This is a tough watch, but it's the essential type of viewing to recognize how precious a team's hold can be on the community, and the feeling it engenders to watch that bond being so viciously ripped away. It makes you realize how much a team can mean to a city, and how helpless one can feel when it's torn away from you. And it makes you think twice about wanting to be an NBA fan that David Stern has now allowed this to happen TWICE in the past four years to well-respected teams with passionate fanbases.