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Sacramento Kings Anaheim Relocation: Fans Plan #HereWeSit Protest For Kings-Lakers Finale

As the Sacramento Kings prepare for the final game of their 2010-2011 NBA season, and potentially their last game ever in Sacramento, Kings fans have been mobilizing to send one final message to the Maloofs in particular and the NBA in general. The folks at are basically asking that Kings fans to remain seated in Power Balance Pavilion after the final standing ovation for the team:

Now, we realize this is a tall order, but this is the last time that you will be heard.  We CAN do this!  Please remain seated 30 minutes after the ovation.

We want to remind everyone that this is to be a peaceful show of support for our teams.  No harassment of security personnel or arena staff please.  This is just to let everyone know what this team means to us.  You can sing, chat, stomp the feet on the floor - but again no riff raff.  That we want our Kings to stay in a city who will always support them and is willing to go the extra mile to show that.  Remember, we are the best NBA fans out there, right?  Here We Stay! Here We Build!  Here We Sit!

There have been various protests and rallies creeping up as the end of basketball in Sacramento creeps closer. This final protest has led to a surge in the use of #herewesit as a twitter hashtag. Social media has turned into a powerful medium for organizing events or protests and it will be interesting to see how the fans in Sacramento react to this latest call for action.

While things may go down with a whimper, there's a good chance Kings fans could go out with a bang. Chris Webber has made his thoughts very clear on the subject. Now word is out that Peja Stojakovic will miss tonight's Mavericks game to attend the final game in Sacramento. It's only a couple of people getting involved, but I'd imagine it's at least a little bit inspirational to Kings fans.

If you're planning on attending tonight's Kings-Lakers game, please join in the #herewesit protest. If you're just watching the game, please check in with how the events fare with what should be a rowdy Kings crowd.