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Anaheim Officials Heading to New York for NBA's Board of Governors Meeting

Kevin Johnson won't be the only California mayor pleading his city's case during the upcoming NBA Board of Governors Meeting. 

According to the Orange County Register, Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait along with Honda Center manager Henry Samueli and Anaheim City Manager Tom Wood will be making the trip to New York to back the Maloof's proposed move to Southern California.

Samueli, Tait, Wood and Michael Schulman, chairman of Anaheim Arena Management, are expected to answer questions from NBA committee members.

Tait had previously said he had no intention of going to New York to address NBA owners unless asked – in which case he said he would "in a heartbeat."

"It will be my honor to represent the city of Anaheim as I proudly let them know that this city is NBA-ready," Tait said at Tuesday's council meeting. "I look forward to a positive outcome in New York."

Tait and Wood were scheduled to fly out Wednesday, paying for the trip with money from a city enterprise fund that helps promote sports and entertainment in Anaheim.

The Board of Governors meeting will commence tomorrow, following the conclusion of the regular season.  As reported by KFBK, the two-day session will begin with various sub-committees discussing a number of topics, including relocation.  A representative from each team will come together for a late-afternoon meeting.  It is during this session that Sacramento officials led by Mayor Kevin Johnson, the Anaheim contingent led by Mayor Tom Tait and all four Maloof brothers are expected to make their cases for their respective situations.