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Lisa Leslie on March Madness, Sacramento Kings to Anaheim Rumors and More

The former WNBA Superstar weighs-in on March Madness and her Southern California perspective on the possibility of the region supporting a third NBA team.

Lisa Leslie is one of the all-time greats, male or female, to ever set foot on a basketball court. And with the NCAA Men's and Women's Tournaments winding down, she's touring on behalf of Capital One for their inaugural Capital One Cup. The award goes to the top men's and women's Division I program across 13 different sports. The winning program will be recognized this summer during the ESPYs and will receive $200,000 to fund graduate-level scholarships for college athletes.

I caught up with the former WNBA superstar today and touched on a number of topics, including March Madness and being honored during the 12th Annual Legend's Brunch at NBA All-Star Weekend. And with the ongoing chatter surrounding a possible Sacramento Kings move to Anaheim, I got her perspective as a native Southern Californian on the kind of reception a third NBA team in the area could expect.

Don't have flash installed? Listen to the interview here.

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