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VIDEO: DeMarcus Cousins Nasty Crossover On Marcus Camby

The thing with Sacramento Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins is that the talent is there. The fire is there. But he's still so raw fundamentally that the flashes of brilliance are too infrequent to measure properly. It's almost as if at this point in his career that his performance is entirely charged play-by-play, turning on after a good play and switching off after a bad one. There are clear skills that can be honed into winning skills. Great passing, soft hands, nice touch down near the rim, ability to operate out of the high post--all of these are well within Cousins's arsenal in his ascension to potential NBA stardom.

And I mean, come on. Who else can promise you big man crossovers? Check out poor Marcus Camby, who is still a fierce defender, but is no match for killer athleticism. And that Cousins, well, he's one heck of an athlete.

Cousins Sick Crossover on Camby for Dunk (via kingsflix)