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Tyreke Evans Out Next Two Weeks; Will Marcus Thornton Cause An Imbalance?

Jimmy Spencer of reports that Sacramento Kings shooting guard Tyreke Evans will be in a walking boot and will be out two weeks recovering from his recurring plantar fasciitis. Evans has missed 12 games this season, most of them due to his nagging foot issues.

The loss of Evans means more time for Marcus Thornton and Jermaine Taylor at the two-guard spots while Evans spends time recovering. Thornton had a successful home start against the Clippers last Monday. But the big question might not be what Thornton can produce in his absence, but whether he can fit with the team upon the return of the talented Rookie of the Year.

Rob Mahoney of the New York Times points out that Evans, DeMarcus Cousins and Thornton all use the ball on a quarter of the team's possessions. In short, since most of them are scorers, they will probably stop the ball more than they move it. Whether this works in detriment to Sacramento's offense will depend a lot on whether the Kings youngsters can find a way to share the ball and get each other high quality looks off of ball movement rather than off isolation.