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"Here We Stay" Chants Echo Through Arco Arena During Sacramento Kings Victory

While it was the last game before Arco Arena was to be renamed Power Balance Pavilion, there were bigger fish to fry for Sacramento Kings fans in their victory over the Los Angeles Clippers. Their team could be on the way out of town, most likely to Anaheim. The inability to rouse up funding for a new arena has finally forced the Maloofs to look elsewhere, and now the city is left scrambling to try and come up with a suitable plan to keep the team from leaving the state capital.

But the Internet has come out in full force. One of the most prominent campaigns (which involved Tom Ziller, our SB Nation NBA editor and Sactown Royalty founder) was heavily involved with involved the "Here We Stay" campaign designed to keep the Kings in Sacramento. Last night's game against the Clippers was the first step in that movement (to find out more about the campaign, check out what Kings fans need to do next at Sactown Royalty).

The chants came out in full force tonight, as Sacramento fans filed in and let their voices be heard.