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Stephen Curry Proves Skills With Slew Of Trick Maneuvers

If there was ever a reason (or 3 reasons) why Stephen Curry should be in the Taco Bell Skills Challenge at NBA All-Star weekend, then last night's Golden State Warriors versus Milwaukee Bucks game is the perfect resume.

Earlier that day in practice, Stephen Curry made a full-length trick shot that left Dorell Wright mid interview. No green screen and "no Adobe Photoshop," says Curry. The fact that Wright could only utter, "nice," is proof that this ranks up there with some of what Wright has seen from the talents of teammates (Dwyane Wade?) in the past.

Do you believe it?  

Has Curry been training for this skills challenge in the event that he gets voted in? Well, later that day against the Bucks, Curry dazzled fans at the Oracle two times. One play was a driving layup into the lane where he faked a pass to the corner in midair with his back to the basket and kissed the ball off the backboard with his right hand.The other play was a 3/4ths court alley-oop pass to a sprinting Dorell Wright who reversed jammed it, which SB Nation Bay Area editor Avinash Kunnath broke down earlier today. It reminded me of when Baron Davis tried the same thing against the Warriors with a pass to Blake Griffin, which Griffin missed. Perhaps this was inspiration for Curry and Wright?

In any case, Curry has showed off a range of skills that make him worthy of selection for the skills challenge. Go and get your vote on here!

Curry is no stranger to full-length court shots. See him here last year at the practice for the rookie-sophomore challenge making not one but TWO 3/4ths court-length shots!

Stephen Curry hits 2 FULL court shots in a row! (via jjcomet93)