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2011 NBA Trade Deadline: Sacramento Gets Marquis Daniels From Celtics

Ken Berger reported today that the Kings made a minor move to add some salary by taking on Marquis Daniels from the Boston Celtics for cash considerations.

Daniels bruised his spinal cord in a game against the Magic earlier this month after colliding with Gilbert Arenas. He was originally scheduled to miss only a month but that diagnosis has been extended to miss the whole year.

So why does Sacramento want someone who won’t play at all for them? The reason lies in the NBA’s salary cap. After yesterday’s Carl Landry for Marcus Thornton trade, the Kings were below the minimum salary cap by about $1 million. By acquiring Daniels, whose contract is worth $2.1 million and expires after this season, the Kings get above that number.

Daniels has the right to veto the trade, but his agent has said that he will not.