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2011 NBA Trade Rumors: Nate Robinson Not Heading to the Warriors, Troy Murphy Update, Who's Left on the Market?

As an update to an earlier post, national NBA writer Sam Amick had reported that the Golden State Warriors were looking into a possible trade with the Boston Celtics for reserve point guard Nate Robinson, but according to Amick's latest tweet, that deal looks to be dead in the water:

"Source says Nate Robinson will not be coming to the Warriors. Never discovered the other pieces, but that deal w/ Boston is not going down.

With only 24 hours left before the trade deadline, the Warriors are going to have to hustle if they want to make any moves. But who's out there for the taking? According to Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated the Portland Trailblazers are actively shopping injured center Greg Oden, a possible move that the W's can make to add another big man (just not for this season.) the Memphis Grizzlies have one of their big men, Hasheem Thabeet, out on the open market as well, who could possible make his was to the Bay on the cheap. Other players worth noting are Portland's Andre Miller and Marcus Camby,  Memphis' O.J. Mayo, Celveland's Ramon Sessions and Antawn Jamison.

Regarding the Troy Murphy trade by the Warriors, San Jose Mercury News' Tim Kawkami tweeted that:

NBA source: If deal goes through, Troy Murphy is expecting 100% of his money from GSW, and a release.

What sort of value can Murphy bring to the Warriors before the deadline?

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