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2011 NBA Trade Rumors: Kawakami Critical of Warriors for not Getting in on Deron Williams

The San Jose Mercury News’ Tim Kawakami posted an article today criticizing the Golden State Warriors apparent lack of interest in possibly getting their hands on All-Star point guard Deron Williams.

it’s fair to put the Warriors management under the microscope on this one: Did they know Williams was potentially available now, did they call, were they willing to offer Stephen Curry in any conversation?If there’s a “No” answer to any of those questions, then you have to start to wonder if Joe Lacob has the right management staff and you can definitely ask if Lacob badly missed a huge opportunity here.He won’t like it if you ask, but you can ask it: NJ got the kind of franchise player that Lacob has been saying the GSWs must and will get, and NJ got him in a flash of inspiration.Are the Warriors just too set on keeping Curry and Monta Ellis because they score a lot of points? Or was GM Larry Riley taken by surprise on this one?

Kawakami likens the move to the Memphis Girzzlies trade of Pau Gasol or the Minnesota Timberwolves trade of Kevin Garnett, it may look decent on paper for both teams, but there was a definitive winner and loser in each of those trades.

Getting a caliber of player like Deron Williams would be a great addition to the Warriors lineup and would immediately make the team better and more well-rounded. Too bad no one in the W’s front office pulled the trigger (or apparently even tried to.)