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2011 NBA Trade Rumors: Deron Williams Almost traded to Kings

Apparently the Sacramento Kings are being more proactive before the trade deadline then we all once thought. According to a tweet from ESPN Radio’s Ryen Russillo the New Jersey Nets’ newly acquired point guard Deron Williams was apparently almost traded to the Sacramento Kings:

Pretty shocked about D-Will, we will be on ESPN Radio in 30min breaking it down. HOU thought they had a deal, almost sent DWill to SAC

This would have been a huge move made by Sacramento, and would have shored up an All-Star talent that Kings fans haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying in a very long time. It still remains uncertain as to who the deal would have incorporated, but since it was a proposed three team trade, I’m sure some draft picks or cash considerations would have been involved, as well as some of the Kings’ talented youngsters like DeMarcus Cousins or Tyreke Evans. Russillo will be on ESPN radio within the hour to talk about this broken transaction.