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2011 NBA Trade Deadline: Jazz Ship Deron Williams to Nets

With all of the work the New Jersey Nets put in to possibly acquire Carmelo Anthony this season, majority owner Mikhail Prokorov was determined not to be left empty handed at the trade deadline.

The Nets made a 3 team deal with the Utah Jazz and Golden State Warriors that would send Derrick Favors and Devin Harris to the Jazz for the All-Star point guard Williams. And as Akis Yerocostas reported yesterday Troy Murphy and a second round pick were traded to the Warriors for Brandon Wright and Dan Gadzuric’s expiring contract, giving the W’s the option to buy out Murphy’s expiring contract and package him for draft picks, but that is still uncertain.

According to David Locke of 1320 K-Fan in Salt Lake City, Deron had no idea he was about to be traded and that it was not his choice. That to me says that Williams had soured the Jazz’s front office somehow, with my main inclination being the mid-season retiring of Jerry Sloan (which Williams had been partially blamed for). Sports Guy Bill Simmons had a very telling tweet this morning:

I love that the Carmelo saga lasted 7 excruciating months and Deron Williams got traded in 3 seconds

The Jazz didn’t talk about this trade publicly, and with the quickness that it was completed, I really feel Utah was over Williams and ready to move on. As for the Nets, getting a talent like Williams is always a plus. But is he intent on staying past 2012 when he becomes a free agent? He can’t sign an extension with New Jersey until July, possibly creating another Melo-Gate situation. Can’t Wait.