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2011 NBA Trade Rumors: Carl Landry Targeted by New Orleans?

According to Adrian Wojnorowski of Yahoo! Sports, the Hornets are interested in acquiring Kings big man Carl Landry to help shore up their frontcourt.

Wojnorowski tweeted:

As the Hornets search for frontcourt help, one target includes Sacramento’s Carl Landry, league source says. M. Thornton in most offers.

Landry is in the last year of his contract for $3 million and is set to be an Unrestricted FA. Thornton is in the last year of his contract but will be a Restriced FA, allowing the team that he is on to match offers.

The trade would be mutually beneficial as it shores up New Orleans's week frontcourt and Sacramento's weak backcourt (especially with Tyreke Evans expected to miss some time due to injury).  Both players seemingly need a fresh start.

Landry has seen his stats diminish since coming to Sacramento at last year's trade deadline in a deal that sent Kevin Martin to Houston.  Thornton meanwhile, flourished as a rookie last year with Chris Paul missing extended periods of time and was seen as a future asset.  With Paul back in the mix though, Thornton's role has diminished greatly.