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NBA Dunk Contest Videos: Watch Blake Griffin Soar Over Cars, Serge Ibaka Does His Best Coming to America Impression

If you didn't catch the dunk contest but want to now, here you go.  Some of the most creative dunks in a while and JaVale McGee officially will enter NBA history for dunking three basketballs and also dunking on two different hoops. Blake Griffin jumped over a car...or just the hood. But All-Star weekend had its first church choir singing at half-court to Blake Griffin's dunk.  The kinds of dunks they pulled off rival Vince Carter's 2000 dunk contest win, but without the efficiency. At any rate, the NBA should invite both Blake Griffin and JaVale McGee next year, just to see what kind of craziness they can put together. Perhaps JaVale McGee will dunk on 3 hoops? Or maybe Griffin will actually jump OVER the actual roof of the car? Anyway, sorry for the spoilers. Catch the broadcast with all the random commentary below. Beware, the commentary is a bit borderline R-rated

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