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2011 NBA Dunk Contest: Awkward Commentary And Bad Shoes

If the botched dunk attempts were a little awkward to witness, seeing all participants try repeatedly to finish their jams to a silent and listless crowd waiting for amazing to happen, some of the commentary by NBA legends caught on camera during the contest made the event a little more strange.

Darryl Dawkins, dunk coach for DeMar DeRozan, when interviewed by Cheryl Miller about what tricks he had up his sleeve, responded “We’re going to rattle some people’s balls.” Miller laughed and so did Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, and Dwight Howard. It was hard to hear what came after that, but Dawkins quickly ended the conversation by saying “We’re not going to go there. We’re not going there.” His green snake-skin suit was intense, Carl Sager style.

Next, when Serge Ibaka was ready to try his first dunk attempt, Charles Barkley said “he has a great body.” Barkley and Miller talked a bit more about Ibaka’s “great body,” which we as fans couldn’t see because, well, it’s hidden under his clothes. But we’ll just take Barkley’s word for it.

In the final round, JaVale McGee was lacing up his five different Peak sneakers (he had replaced his shoes each round). The camera zoomed in on them and Barkley asked “What kind of shoes are those?” Reggie Miller responded, “Those are the Chinese brand Peaks.” Barkley, full of zingers, asked sarcastically, “What are those the Chinese version of PF Flyers?” For those that don’t know what PF Flyers are, here ya go:

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