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2011 NBA Dunk Contest Final Round: Blake Griffin Wins!

I think JaVale McGee was cheated. McGee had the creativity and execution, hands down. But clearly Blake Griffin had to win, right? Hometown hero makes for a great story.

Here’s briefly how it went down. Both of their first dunks of this final round between Griffin and McGee were somewhat ordinary. McGee had a physically difficult dunk to execute, but problematically, it only looked challenging in slow-mo. Otherwise, it just looked like an ordinary MJ cradle the ball reverse slam. Still impressive, but not jump out your seat like an NBA player at the All-Star festivities good.

Griffin, however, won it, probably, with showmanship. With coach Kenny Smith bringing out an all-black choir singing "I Believe I Can Fly" by R.Kelly, Griffin jumped over a car with Baron Davis tossing him an alleyoop from INSIDE of it. Actually, Davis was popping out the sunroof. I would agree with Charles Barkley’s criticism. It really wasn’t that difficult given that Griffin angled his run to jump over the hood versus over the roof of the entire car. Though, I’m glad he didn’t try to jump over the hood because it looked like he was going to injure himself badly if he tried.