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2011 NBA Dunk Contest: JaVale McGee Juggles Three Basketballs in Round 2

The second round of the dunk contest followed similarly to the first round: lots of creativity, but requiring multiples takes. There’s no “One-take Hov’s” in this bunch.

But like T-Pain and Kanye West, which autotune technology allows them to express themselves in ways their bodies can’t without it, these players had wild ideas that their bodies just couldn’t quite execute perfectly to their imagination.


Blake Griffin might have pulled off the impossible: Baron Davis tossing an alley-oop off the side of the backboard, which Griffin, getting a running start, would catch, do a 360, then reverse jam it. He couldn’t do it, but the possibility alone was enough for fans, who were squealing after his first botched attempt.

JaVale McGee dunked three balls. You heard me: THREE! With two in hand, John Wall tossed the third. Took him a few attempts, but it was pretty impressive, if not a little absurd.