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2011 NBA Three Point Contest: Dorell Wright Eliminated 1st Round By Paul Pierce, Reigning Champion


The opportunity to have two Warriors winning two All-Star Weekend festivities quickly came to an end.

Soon after Stephen Curry won the Taco Bell Skills Challenge, Dorell Wright scored 11 points in the first round of the three point shoot out. With only the top 3 of the 6 contestants moving onto the second round, final contestant of the first round Paul Pierce narrowly made it on the last 2-point “money ball” which gave him a one point advantage over Wright.

Wright came out hot scoring 4 points in the first rack alone. With commentator Reggie Miller talking up Wright’s “shooter’s stroke,” saying that there are “no knuckle balls here,” Wright was soon jinxed and struggled until he made it to the final rack.

But its impressive though that any Warrior was featured in this contest given what a poor perimeter shooting team they have been since Run TMC.

Congrats Wright on your 4th place finish! He made more than Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant and Cleveland Cavalier’s Daniel Gibson.