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2011 NBA All-Star Weekend: JaVale McGee To Go "Space-Age"

On tonight's TNT broadcast of the NBA All-Star festivities, Chris Webber, JaVale McGee's dunk contest 'coach,' said that JaVale McGee has some "space-age" tricks up his sleeve. Based off a sampling of dunk failures and miscues, a close friend of mine think McGee is closer to being more "space cadet" than "space-age."

No doubt JaVale McGee is one of the most athletically "space-age" players out there. Standing at 7'0 but with the agility of a wing player, McGee has all the talent to be a super star. Until you see him battling teammate Andray Blatche for the lead in head-scratching offensive problems. Whether it's dribbling in traffic or showboating in a blowout (where the Wizards are losing, mind you), McGee most likely will NOT disappoint tonight. Which McGee do you think will show up today? Apparently McGee has been influenced by the dunk master Michael Jordan. Of his two impressions, which McGee dunk should he try tonight?

JaVale McGee misses a free throw line dunk (via outsidethenba)

JaVale McGee Rock da Cradle Dunk(2010 Summer League) (via JWO35)