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Jimmer Fredette Has Sacramento Kings Merchandise Sales Booming

Jimmer Fredette captured the hearts of the basketball world while playing at BYU and his immense popularity has already transferred over to the NBA. When the Sacramento Kings selected Jimmer last summer, they knew they were getting an icon, especially on the west coast. Just a few weeks into his career, the impact of Fredette is already helping the Kings financially.

From a story out of the New York Post, Kings merchandise sales, according to CNBC, is up 540 percent from December of last year. Three-quarters of the increase is due to the presence of Fredette. He currently leads the team in jersey sales and stores in the Sacramento area are often sold out of No. 7 jerseys.

This was all part of the plan for owners Joe and Gavin Maloof.

There was no doubt that the Kings were struggling for money and the rumors of the team leaving for Anaheim were at the forefront of seemingly every draft meeting held over the summer. The front office knew that should they select Fredette, they would not only receive a talented player with an incredible shooting touch, but they would also acquire a valuable marketing tool.

Along with the release of the new black uniforms, the Jimmer Effect has already been felt at Power Balance Pavilion. The first two home games of the season sold out and merchandise sales are through the roof. And let's not forget the rookie has done more than hold is one, averaging an efficient 10 points and three assists thus far.

It's early, but the Jimmer Fredette Era in Sacramento is off to a very good start.