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Sacramento Kings Intend To Sign Chuck Hayes To Larger Deal

It was looking like Chuck Hayes wasn't going to be part of the future plans for the Sacramento Kings after he seemed to be diagnosed with a heart condition that might have threatened his playing career. Turns out it was all a false alarm and Hayes is going to be alright!

And Sacramento seems really interested in keeping him around. Marc Stein of ESPN tweeted the following.

Hayes has not formally announced intention to rejoin Kings but one source says SAC expected to increase previous offer slightly to clinch it.

With Samuel Dalembert on his way to Houston, the signing of Hayes became all the more imperative. Because the Kings no longer have a big man defensive presence, Hayes will be a critical fill-in to keep the team stable inside the post, as his footwork and post presence is always formidable for other teams to combat. The Kings will probably commit more money to ensure that Hayes is comfortable with sticking around for a team that misdiagnosed his health situation.

But I'm sure everyone is just happy to see the Fresno product healthy again.

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