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NBA Rumors: Jamal Crawford Considering Sacramento Kings Along With Blazers And Knicks, According To Report

Jamal Crawford is one of the most highly coveted free agents of the offseason. Crawford is a proven shooter who can stretch the floor and give you versatility at the guard/forward spots, and has helped prop the Atlanta Hawks up to three straight second round appearances (they lost all three, but still). Crawford is looking for a big deal, and apparently two years, $10 million with the Indiana Pacers isn't enough.

Somehow, the Sacramento Kings have entered the discussion. Sam Amick has more.

Source says Jamal Crawford is now considering offers from New York, Portland and Sacramento.
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This doesn't seem like a great fit at first. The Kings have a lot of shooters on their team right now with Marcus Thornton, John Salmons, Tyreke Evans and Jimmer Fredette. If Crawford decided to sign on ... well, it's pretty much looking like he moves from the Atlanta Hawks of the East to the Atlanta Hawks of the West.

However, the Kings want to show improvement this season with decent talent to show they're moving in the right direction for Sacramento fans. While Crawford might not be the best fit for this team, based on the current market of players available, he might be the best fit for a situation that demands some improvement, if not drastic improvement.

To discuss the possibility of Crawford playing for any of these teams, head to Posting and Toasting (Knicks), Blazers Edge (Blazers) and Sactown Royalty (Kings).