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Sacramento Kings 2011 Offseason: Miami Heat Want Samuel Dalembert?

How will the Sacramento Kings handle the rest of their offseason? They might be losing Samuel Dalembert to a contender like the Miami Heat.

The Sacramento Kings are starting their preparation for the 2011 NBA season. One part of their preparation might involve parting with one of their critical players from last season.

Samuel Dalembert was one of the big men in the middle who helped Sacramento get better down the stretch. Dalembert was the main defensive force, while DeMarcus Cousins helped power things offensively.

But it's looking like Sammy might be headed elsewhere next year. Dalembert himself admits that he'd like to be part of a contender like the Miami Heat. (HT Tom Ziller from the mothership).

"I'm keeping all my options open, but Miami could be a good fit for me," Dalembert said.

Why is that?

"If you look at the playoffs with Dallas, you saw what Tyson Chandler did," Dalembert said, referring to the 7-foot-1 center who helped the Mavs beat the Heat in six games for the title last June. "He was basically a key ingredient for them to win a championship. And Miami didn't have somebody like that. Somebody able to stop (foes from) getting second shots and somebody able to rebound and finish. I could fill that role and be an asset for that team."

Dalembert in Miami makes a lot of sense. He's got great defensive abilities in the post and can make life very difficult for any of the playoff teams the Heat will likely face like the Celtics or the Bulls. The only problem is that he is pretty offensive offensively and could have trouble stretching the floor when they face more talented defenses. Still, it'd give Miami better options to rely on in terms of big men come June.

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