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Sacramento Kings With No Amnesty Clause Candidates

Things are even more boring for the Sacramento Kings than they were with the Golden State Warriors; everyone appears to be under contract and under the cap, so there's no one really you should expect to be taken away. Marc Stein and Chad Ford of ESPN report, and neither Francisco Garcia nor John Salmons seem like reliable options here.

The Kings' need for Garcia, now that they've drafted Jimmer Fredette, is questionable at best, especially at the steep price of $18.3 million over the next three seasons. But there's going to be a minimum salary level in the forthcoming labor deal that Sacramento would conceivably struggle to hit as the roster is presently constituted unless big signings or trades are on the way when camps and a compressed transaction period eventually commence.

No amnesty for the Maloofs huh? Oh well, one can only ask for small favors I guess for a franchise struggling to say in its hometown.

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