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DeMarcus Cousins Gives Jerry Reynolds A Birthday Kiss

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Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins acts like a kid a lot, because, well, he is a kid. Only 20 years old actually. So when he does things like give the choke sign, his actions reflect like those of an insecure teenager at the middle school lunch table rather than an adult stuck in arrested development.

He doesn't play like one though. Cousins put up monster numbers for the second straight night, leading the Kings to victories over the Los Angeles Lakers and New Orleans Hornets with his great production. Slowly but surely, with his youthful fire and physical gifts, Cousins is starting to make Kings fans believers in his abilities as a big man.

Jerry Reynolds is the Kings director of player personal, and is also the TV play-by-play analyst for Kings basketball. Today was his birthday. And after his postgame interview with Reynolds following his excellent performance against the Hornets, Cousins showed the child-like side of his character with the sort of little moment that makes you go "aww".

(via outsidethenba)

Come on. You don't think you can build your franchise around someone who can be as adorable as that?