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DeMarcus Cousins Snaps Ten Game Win Streak Of New Orleans Hornets

It was a wire to wire victory for the Sacramento Kings over the New Orleans Hornets, winning 102-96, and DeMarcus Cousins played the biggest role in all of it. Cousins scored eight of the first twelve points and nineteen first half points to pace Sacramento to a 56-46 halftime lead.

And he came up big in the clutch too; despite Cousins not scoring any points after the 10:22 mark in the fourth quarter, he grabbed four rebounds in the final four minutes, assisted Tyreke Evans on a layup to put the Kings up six, stole a pass from Chris Paul, and drew an offensive foul on Marcus Thornton with under a minute left.

Cousins finished with 25 points, 12 rebounds and 7 assists on the game, his second big performance in as many nights, as Sacramento has now beaten the Lakers in Staples and snapped the winning streak of the hottest team in the Western Conference. Up next? The Boston Celtics.

DeMarcus Cousins Rainbow Fall Away Shot (via kingsflix)

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