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Kings at Knicks: Boo-Birds come out in Madison Square Garden as Kings lead Knicks 69-58 going into 4th.

The Knicks came out to try to get the jump on Sacramento early and even managed to tie the ball game at 46 early in the 3rd quarter, but the Kings were able to overcome the run and tighten the defense up.

Beno Udrih was a big factor, scoring in a variety of ways and getting to the line as well. He currently leads the game in scoring with 15 points. DeMarcus Cousins is 2nd with 14, again doing damage on the offensive glass.

Tyreke Evans hit a couple jumpers but still hasn’t been able to get anything really going inside as the Knicks simply pack the paint every time he has the ball. His defense has been good though.

Amar’e also was pretty ineffective in the quarter, opting to take long jumpers and taking it inside only rarely, and he only had 4 points in the quarter, while shooting 3-14 for the game. It’s been partly good D by Sacramento and partly bad decisions by Stoudemire.

By the time the quarter ended, Knicks fans were booing their team, down 11 going into the final period.