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Nick Young Gets Career High in 3rd Quarter, Wizards Lead by 12

The Wizards suffered an early scare as John Wall slipped on the sideline into some courtside chairs. Fortunately for Washington, there was no serious injury and Wall was able to continue playing.

The Kings got into the penalty quite early, with 5 minutes left in the quarter and it cost them. The Wizards went to the line 12 times in the 2nd and made all of them.

Sacramento could not find a reliable scoring option outside of Beno Udrih, who added 8 more points to keep the game manageable. Carl Landry tried his best, but was having trouble with Andray Blatche on the other end, especially keeping him off the offensive glass.

But by far the hottest player was Nick Young. After scoring 14 in the first, and 17 by the half, Young had 18 in the quarter to give him a career high 35 with 12 minutes left in the game. The Wizards rode Nick Young to a 12 point lead going into the Final period.