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Raiders Vs. Broncos: The rout is on in Denver as Broncos take 31-6 lead

The Oakland Raiders offense is still MIA, and now their defense and special teams have joined them. The result is a 31-6 Denver Broncos lead at the end of three quarters at Sports Authority Field.

After going into halftime down 10-6, the Raiders fell apart in the third quarter. They started the half by going three and out, then the Broncos raced down field on nine plays. Peyton Manning led Denver 79 yards, finishing things off with a 17-yard touchdown pass to Eric Decker to give them a 17-6 lead.

After another three and out, the Raiders had a punt blocked to set up another Broncos score. Denver added a touchdown on a 14-yard pass to Lance Ball, and the game was all but over with a quarter left to play.

Manning has thrown for 323 yards and three touchdowns, and the Raiders have been just as bad at trying to stop the running game, surrendered 105 yards on 17 carries to Willis McGahee. Meanwhile, the offense is non-existent. The result is likely going to be their third loss of the season.