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Raiders Vs. Broncos: Oakland defense tightens up, but Raiders still trail 10-6 at halftime

The Oakland Raiders defense shored things up in the second quarter after being chewed up in the first, but their offense couldn't find the same spark. The Raiders are still without a touchdown, and while they did add a field goal, they still trail the Denver Broncos at halftime, 10-6.

Denver ran up and down the field in the first quarter, scoring a touchdown on their first drive. A Sebastian Janikowski field goal cut the Broncos' lead to 7-3, but Denver drove right back down the field again and got to the Raiders' 3-yard line. That's when the Oakland defense stepped up and forced a field goal, which seemed to get the unit going.

Some good Raiders defense slowed down the Broncos offense in the second quarter and kept them scoreless, but the offense is still MIA. They have just 32 yards on the ground, mitigating Carson Palmer's good 9-for-13, 142-yard first half.

A late drive did get Oakland back on the board, but it again only led to a field goal. Janikowski converted from 24 yards after a 58-yard drive, and the Raiders head to the locker room wondering how to get in the endzone.