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Raiders vs. Broncos Pick: Why good money is on Denver

While this game is much more of a toss up than it looked before week 3, the Broncos still have the upper hand in a number of ways.

Kirby Lee-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Oakland Raiders will travel to Denver to take on the Broncos this Sunday. Last week, the Raiders got their first win of the season against the Pittsburgh Steelers in an upset no one predicted. After the Raiders looked completely lifeless over the first two weeks of the season, they came to life against the Steelers in a big way. Meanwhile, Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos suffered their second loss in as many weeks, and did not look very good in doing so.

This week should be another very close game for the Raiders. Traveling to Denver is not an easy prospect, and despite concerns over his arm strength, Peyton Manning is still a quarterback that you must take seriously and prepare for. The Raiders are coming off of a big win, but they must move on from that and make sure they come out strong against Denver. The past two weeks in a row, Manning came on strong late in the game and was almost able to complete a come back. If the Raiders are not on the top of their game, Manning could very well pull off the come back this week, and unfortunately for Raiders fans, that is what I expect to happen.

I believe the Raiders will start off strong, but begin to fade as the game goes on. Meanwhile, the Denver Mannings will continue to start off slowly, but this time, they will have enough come back in them to take the win at the end of the day. The line for this game currently sits at 6.5 in favor of Denver. If I were betting the line, I would take the Raiders because I believe this will be a very close game, but if you are picking a straight up winner, although it hurts, I have to go with the Denver Broncos.