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AFC West standings, Week 15: Broncos continue to run away with division

The Chargers may have pulled off the upset Sunday but it was too little too late with the Broncos already owning the division.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Even with the Chargers 34-24 upset victory over the Steelers Sunday, the Broncos still have as many wins as the rest of the AFC West combined.

Denver (10-3) already secured their second consecutive divisional title with last Sunday's win against the Buccaneers but they continued to pile on the pain with their 26-13 victory over the Raiders (3-10) on Thursday. Luckily for Oakland, the Kansas City Chiefs (2-11) were also annihilated by the Cleveland Browns Sunday so the Raiders were able to remain out of the AFC West cellar.

The bottom of the division could be shook up next week though as the Chiefs are set to pay a visit to the Black Hole. As for the rest of the west, the Chargers will be hosting the Carolina Panthers and the Broncos will participating in a pivotal road battle against the Baltimore Ravens.

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