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Does hiring Jon Gruden even make sense for Mark Davis, Raiders?

Despite rumors, Jon Gruden's return to Oakland probably won't happen as it may not even make sense for either side.

Thearon W. Henderson

Over the last two years, former Raiders coach Jon Gruden has been rumored and linked to nearly every open job in both college football and the NFL. With new rumors seemingly popping up every day, it was only a matter of time until Gruden was linked to the Raiders. Despite rumors that the Raiders were "in talks" to bring Gruden back to Oakland, the reunion may not make sense for either side.

As Paul Gutierrez of CSN Bay Area pointed out, there are several reasons which make the latest rumors hard to believe. Raiders general manger Reggie McKenzie handpicked current head coach Dennis Allen and pursuing Gruden would mean McKenzie decided to bail on his choice after just one season. McKenzie is the unquestioned decision maker in Oakland, but that could change if Gruden came back. As a proven head coach, Gruden may want some say over personnel decisions, meaning McKenzie would have to relinquish some of his current role.

While the move may not make sense from the Raiders standpoint, there are also questions over whether Gruden even wants to return to the sideline. While he has been linked to several openings, he's yet to take a job. Last week, his agent said Gruden has made it clear he's committed to his announcing position with ESPN.

There will always be rumors of coaching changes when teams struggle and Gruden remains popular in Oakland, but right now it's hard to believe he will be returning to the Raiders anytime soon.