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AFC West standings, Week 14: Broncos win the division

The Denver Broncos run away with the AFC West as the other teams continue to struggle.


The AFC West belongs to the Denver Broncos and it wasn't even close.

Once Peyton Manning's offense got rolling and Von Miller's defense just gave him enough room to operate, the team exploded and have reeled off seven straight games. Meanwhile, the two teams trailing the Broncos -- the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders -- are both suffering through losing streaks of four and five games, respectively.

The Broncos now sit comfortably at 9-3 knowing that their spot in the playoffs is already sealed with four games still to play. The Chargers (4-8) have lost by 7, 11, 1, 10, 7, 3 and 7 points in their last seven losses. Their inability to finish has crippled the team's season.

Until their three-point loss to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, the Raiders (3-9) had been blown out in four consecutive games. Injuries haven't helped and aside from their eighth-ranked passing attack, they don't do anything else well.

The Kansas City Chiefs sit at the bottom of the division at 2-10, but won an emotional game on Sunday over the Carolina Panthers in the wake of the tragic deaths of linebacker Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins.