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Raiders vs. Browns: Cleveland proves too much for the floundering Raiders to handle

The Oakland Raiders were unable to hold off the mighty Cleveland Browns at home, lose fifth straight as they fall to 3-9


The Oakland Raiders had looked at this game as one that they could put into the win column. The Raiders had improved over the past few years while the Cleveland Browns had shown no improvement as a franchise and remained one of the league's worst. But the Raiders have regressed so much in their first year under new management, they found themselves to be very evenly matched with the bottom dwelling Browns.

Oakland hoped that they could rattle the world's oldest rookie, Brandon Weeden and turn his mistakes into a win. But while Weeden did throw two picks, it was not due to the Raiders constant pressure, they only registered one sack. In the end, Weeden's mistakes did not matter, the Raiders were unable to capitalize on winning the turnover battle for the first time in weeks. This time, quantity was not nearly as important as quality. The only turnover for the Raiders came at the worst possible time. Carson Palmer threw a pick late in the fourth quarter when the Raiders trailed by three, and after the Raiders had already gotten themselves well within kicker Sebastian Janikowski's range.

The Raiders continue to shoot themselves in the foot week after week and there does not appear to be any relief in sight. Throughout what has been a painful five weeks for the Raiders, this game was the one time where you could honestly say that the Raiders had a good chance of turning things around and get back on the winning side of the score board. Now, the Raiders have to turn around and face a very good Denver Broncos team on Thursday night and do so without their head coach for a portion of the week as Dennis Allen will leave the team in order to be with his ill father. Needless to say, things are not looking good for the Raiders, but they can always get worse.