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Raiders vs. Panthers 2012: Game preview, kickoff time, TV schedule and more

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Here is all the information you need to know about Sunday's game between the Carolina Panthers and the Oakland Raiders.

Jason O. Watson

The Oakland Raiders and the Carolina Panthers are doing their best to improve their standing going into the last two weeks of the NFL regular season. Neither team will make the playoffs, but both hope to garner positive momentum going into next year.

Oakland is currently 4-10 on the season, losing six games in a row to fall out of playoff contention around the turn of December. The Raiders did snap the losing streak last week at home, going on to win one of the ugliest games in NFL history when they shut out the Kansas City Chiefs 15-0.

Carolina is currently 5-9 on the year, although they are finishing off the season on the right path. After starting the season 2-8, the Panthers have won three of their last four, including impressive wins against Atlanta and San Diego. The Panthers hope to keep the winning going in their final home game.

Oakland and Carolina are scheduled for a 1:00 p.m. kickoff on CBS.