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Raiders vs. Chiefs injury report: DB Phillip Adams sustains another concussion

Raiders cornerback Phillip Adams has now suffered two concussions in his past three games after his most recent head injury Sunday.

Jason O. Watson

Oakland Raiders cornerback Phillip Adams left Sunday's game after sustaining an evident concussion in the fourth quarter, according to head coach Dennis Allen.

Adams, who was making his first NFL start, also suffered another concussion two games ago so he's likely to be shut down for the year. Adams was replaced by Brandian Ross in the lineup and it's looking like the former practice squad talent will get a chance to sink or swim as a starter for Week's 16-17.

Adams wasn't the only defensive back for the Raiders to be forced from the game either as Mike Mitchell also departed with a neck injury. Allen did share Mitchell was actually medically cleared to return though and that it was purely his decision to not put him back in the game. With that being the case, it seems that Mitchell should be good to go for Week 16's game against the Panthers.

In other injury news, Allen shared post-game that rookie wideout Juron Criner is dealing with a hip injury, but he did not enlighten the media on how severe it actually was.