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Raiders vs. Chiefs: Kansas City may be last game Oakland has a chance of winning

The Oakland Raiders host the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend in possibly the last game the Raiders could possibly win in 2012.


The Oakland Raiders will host the Kansas City Chiefs in Oakland this weekend in their last home game of the 2012 season, and also possibly the last game that the Raiders could win this year. The Raiders are in the midst of a six game losing streak in which they have been clearly out played in every aspect of every game. The last game that the Raiders won before going on the six game slide, however, was against the Kansas City Chiefs.

In their first match up, the Raiders beat the Chiefs fairly easily and looked rather good doing so. At the time, some thought the win was a symbol that the Raiders were turning the corner and were ready to become a better team for the remainder of the season. Rather, it was more a symbol of just how bad the Kansas City Chiefs are. But despite how bad the Chiefs are this season, they have still won more games than the Raiders since they last met. Sure it was only one game, but that is still one more game than the Raiders have won since then.

The Raiders may have been better than the Chiefs when they last played, but since then, the Raiders have looked like the worst team in the NFL. With only three games remaining in the 2012 season, the Raiders do not have much opportunity to improve their record to four wins on the year. They play the Chiefs at home before back to back road games against the Carolina Panthers and the San Diego Chargers. Neither of the last two teams are world beaters, but there is no question that thet are both playing better than the Raiders are right now, and both get to host the Raiders at home.

The Chiefs, on the other hand, are the only team in the NFL that is playing as bad as the Raiders, and they argument could be made that they are playing worse after they were demolished by the Cleveland Browns. The problem is, the Raiders look like they have given up on the season and are ready to accept losing before the game has already started. No matter how bad the Chiefs are playing, if the Raiders don't even care anymore, they won't even be able to beat the Chiefs, let alone the Panthers or Chargers.