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Fantasy sit/start: Don't trust Raiders vs. Ravens defense

While Baltimore's defense is struggling through injuries this year, it's still potent to give the Raiders fits.


The Ravens throughout the last decade have been the top defense in the NFL. This year, however, they have lost future Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis to a season-ending injury and are languishing in the rankings as the 26th overall defense. That's a far cry from where they usually are, but they still have several superstars on the defensive side of the ball like Haloti Ngata and Ed Reed, as well as rising stars like Jimmy Smith at cornerback. Ignore the ranking, this is till the Ravens, and the game is played on the East Coast, which means you should...

START: Nobody. The Raiders always suck on the East Coast in real life and in fantasy. Find other options, any other options this week if you can. This game is going to be ugly.