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Raiders vs. Bengals: Oakland shows frustration during third straight embarrassing loss

The Oakland Raiders saw two of their players ejected during their thrashing at the hands of the Bengals.

Andy Lyons

The Oakland Raiders looked like an amateur team for the third straight week, this time losing to the Cincinnati Bengals by the score of 34-10. The Raiders were clearly out-classed by the Baltimore Ravans and New Orleans Saints, but the Bengals are not of the same ilk as those two teams, and should not have been able to manhandle the Raiders in the fashion that they did. The problem is, Dennis Allen has completely lost control of the team. If the Raiders had given it their all, they might have made the game competitive, but from the very get go, anyone could tell that the team just did not have their hearts in the game.

The frustration of a team that went from an 8-8 record and falling just one win shy of a playoff berth to one of the worst teams in the NFL was apparent in more than one way. Not only did the Raiders fail to show up at the start of the game, they also failed to maintain their composure and two players, Tommy Kelly and Lamarr Houston were both ejected from the game and could be looking at fines and suspensions as the result of the brawl they were involved in.

The tussle occurred as the result of Lamarr Houston tackling Bengals QB Andy Dalton after the whistle had blown on a play that was called dead due to a false start. Houston had already begun tackling Dalton when the whistle blew, but he also had plenty of time to hold up but chose not to. As a result, the Bengals left tackle took issue and shoved Houston. A dog p,Ike ensued and included an appearance by Tommy Kelly who was not even on the field for that play.

Lack if discipline has been an obvious problem for the Raiders all season, but what occurred on Sunday was more than just a lack of discipline.