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Saints vs. Raiders, Week 11: Blog can't take much more of this, reacts to latest loss

Silver and Black Pride is finding it hard to stay prideful in a coaching staff and team that can't seem to take advantage of golden opportunities.

Ezra Shaw

Silver and Black Pride can't do it anymore. After spending weeks defending the coaching staff of their beloved Oakland Raiders, the team's 38-17 loss to the New Orleans Saints was the straw that broke the camel's back.

This disappointment began in the lack of offensive production against a defense in the Saints that is the worst defense of all-time. Yes, of all-time. If you doubt it, just ask ESPN's Tom Jackson who can be seen repeatedly reminding everyone of that fact while on Sunday NFL Countdown.

In the minds of SBP, the season is effectively over with this loss. At 3-7, yeah, the math maybe says they can still do damage but running the table gets them to 9-7 and that's not nearly guaranteeing anything. And will this team honestly do a thing like run the table? Those doubts seeping through fans minds are palpable.

"Without a doubt this loss to the Saints is on the coaching staff. I can't deny it and I won't even try to. They needed to get this team ready to perform at their highest ability for this game and instead failed miserably. The fans already have been clamoring for some changes and this is what the coaching staff gives them in response? Just terrible."

The Raiders weren't ready to take advantage of a defense that lets everyone take advantage. It was a missed opportunity. This one is on the coaches.