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Raiders vs. Saints: Mark Davis apologizes after embarassing season gets worse

The Oakland Raiders are in a free fall with no bottom in sight.

Ezra Shaw

The Oakland Raiders did not have much hope left heading into their home game against the New Orleans Saints, but they had a lot of fears which were realized. The Raiders did not have any chance of making a playoff push, but they did have a chance to salvage a respectable season. However, the continued inability to stop anyone or anything on defense, combined with the constant errors that led to penalties or turnovers have made it clear that the Raiders could find themselves in the bottom five teams in the league.

The Raiders were blown out by the Saints to the tune of 38-17, but the sad reality is that the score makes the game appear much closer than it really was. The Raiders put up 7 points in garbage time, and it was clear that the Saints knew they had the game in the bag early in the 3rd quarter and were not interested in running up the score too much, even though they easily could have. Carson Palmer looked erratic at best and is still having issues getting his timing down with star receiver Denarius Moore. The only bright spot to the game came in Marcel Reece, who put up over 100 yards on the ground and came close to 100 yards in the air.

After the game, owner Mark Davis came out and apologized to the fans for what they have had to endure this season. While it was sad to see, many Raiders fans were happy to know that the front offices are not kidding themselves and everyone recognizes that this season has been much worse than anyone hoped or expected.