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Oakland owner Mark Davis apologizes to Raiders fans

After a 38-17 loss to the Saints, Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis had an apology for fans.


The Oakland Raiders lost their third straight game on Sunday, falling 37-17 to the New Orleans Saints. Owner Mark Davis had some words for fans of the 3-9 team, reports John Dickinson. Davis said he was patient, but that he wanted to see progress. "I'm embarrassed," he said, "pissed, disappointed and I take full responsibility."

"I apologize to the fans," he continued, "I feel bad for them." Davis denied that the problems experienced by the Raiders could be blamed on things like the salary cap, saying "You have players and you coach them and you play. You gotta be Raiders." Davis further addressed having realistic expectations about the team, saying "I know we didn't have the talent at the beginning of the year to be a Superbowl team."

"I thought we had the potential to get maybe in playoffs and beat teams in our division," he added, "Obviously that hasn't happened."

The Raiders next face the 5-5 Cincinnati Bengals, who have won two straight.