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Raiders vs. Saints preview: Oakland's only chance of winning rests in hands of Carson Palmer

The Oakland Raiders will need an outstanding performance from Carson Palmer in order to beat the New Orleans Saints.

Rob Carr

The Oakland Raiders match up with the New Orleans Saints this weekend is a much different game than people expected early in the season. The Raiders did not look very good at any point this season, but coming off of an embarassing performance against the Baltimore Ravens, the Raiders have hit rock bottom. The Saints, on the other hand, started off the season looking terrible, but has really turned things around and have people in New Orleans talking playoffs.

But with that being said, the Saints are still one of the worst defensive teams in the NFL. They rank at or near the bottom in total yards, rush yards and pass yards allowed. What is almost more shocking is that the Saints secondary has given up more yards this season than the Raiders have even though the Raiders have arguably the worst secondary in the NFL. The over under for this game is currently set at 54 points and the wise better would put all of their money on the over, because this is going to be a very high scoring game.

Last week, the Raiders gave up enough points to cover the over not even taking into account the points the Raiders scored. Drew Brees must be licking his chops at the opportunity to put up some stats against the Raiders. There shouldn't be much question about whether or not the Saints are going to put up points against the Raiders, they will, and a lot of points at that. The question is whether or not Carson Palmer can take advantage of the poor secondary of the Saints and keep the Raiders in the game. Palmer has had a very good statistical season and has carried the Raiders offense on his back all season. If Palmer has a career day against the Saints, the Raiders just might have a shot at winning the game.