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Raiders vs. Saints key matchup: Slowing Drew Brees crucial to keeping game close

Last week, Drew Brees and the Saints handed Atlanta their first loss of the year- primarily because Drew Brees had an exceptional day. If the Raiders have any hope of keeping the game within reach, they will have to do what the Falcons could not.

We know the Raiders can slow down opposing passing attacks; they did so admirably against those same Falcons a few weeks ago. Brees, however, is a different animal than Matt Ryan. He is extremely accurate on the deep ball and leads his receivers very well. The only thing that makes it easier to stop Brees is that you know what's coming. The Saints don't really have any running game to speak of (like the Raiders) and pass pretty much all the time.

The Raiders with Carson Palmer and their good receivers have the ability to win a shootout. With the Saints that wll be difficult to do, but the Saints' pass defense is abysmal so if the Raiders can make a few key stops or force some turnovers like they did against Atlanta they might have a shot.