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Raiders vs. Ravens recap: Oakland gets humiliated in epic fashion

The Oakland Raiders were never even in the game against the Baltimore Ravens and are blown out of the water.

Rob Carr

The Oakland Raiders knew that they did not have a very good shot at upsetting the Baltimore Ravens in Baltimore this past weekend, but they certainly did not expect to be routed 55-20. The Raiders never even made a game out of it as they found themselves down two scores almost immediately in the first quarter. Though the offense made a valiant effort to stay with the Ravens, it was clear that the Raiders defense could not come close to stopping the Ravens.

The game was a humiliation in nearly every aspect. TheRaiders tied the franchise record for points allowed with 55, had 33 more penalty yards than they did rushing yards and more turnovers than touchdowns. The defense looked as bad against the pass this week as they did against the run against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Doug Martin last week. On offense, Carson Palmer tried once again to put the Raiders on his back, but once again, turnovers buried any hopes of staying in the game.

With upcoming games against the New Orleans Saints and on the road against the Cincinnati Bengals, the Raiders could easily find themselves 3-8 and without a first round pick to look forward to. With the devastating loss to the Bucs and the embarrassing loss to the Ravens, the Raiders took a turn right back into the conversation for being one of the worst teams in the NFL. There was literally nothing positive that could be taken away from the loss to Baltimore.

Whats worse for the Raiders is that their next opponent, the New Orleans Saints have looked like a much better team in recent weeks and even knocked off the undefeated Atlanta Falcons this past weekend. What do you get when you add Drew Brees to a very bad Raiders secondary? I'm not sure, but it's possible the two add up to a new record for points allowed by the Raiders.