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Stefen Wisniewski on new blocking scheme: 'We're going to keep getting better'

Oakland Raiders center Stefen Wisniewski and the rest off his offensive lineman are getting used to the new zone blocking system the team is utilizing this season.

Kirby Lee-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Oakland Raiders are still getting used to their new schemes on the field this season, including the zone-blocking system (ZBS), which is one of the key areas the team is looking to improve on.

Center Stefen Wisniewski knows the importance of learning the ZBS as the Raiders are currently dead last in rushing yards per game this season at 60.8. He feels it's still a work in progress, according to CSN Bay Area's Paul Gutierrez:

"Well, I mean, I'd get technical on you. Yeah, it's, I mean, the footwork, the aiming points, just everything is. The whole goal's different – you're trying to get people to run sideways and make a cut, instead of trying to move people, drive them off the ball. So, the whole broad scheme is different and then all the little details are different, with all the footwork and everything and the combinations."

Wisniewski is a perfect example of the changes made around the team, making the transition from left guard to center this season. If the ZBS isn't functioning, the offene will likely struggle too. Nevertheless, Wisniewski beleives they are getting better with the ZBS:

"It's a thing that's going to take time and we're definitely moving in the right direction and we're definitely close to where we want to be."

The Raiders face the Atlanta Falcons next Sunday from the Georgia Dome, with kickoff set for 10 a.m. PT with coverage on CBS.