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Raiders vs. Chiefs score: Oakland surges ahead to 23-9 lead after three quarters

It wasn't too long ago that the Oakland Raiders were in a tough, close game with the Kansas City Chiefs. Not anymore.

The Raiders have jumped out to a 23-9 lead after three quarters and have the game firmly in hand after a nice third quarters. After Sebastian Janikowski and Ryan Succop traded field goals, Darrius Heyward-Bey made a nice run after the catch to go 32 yards for a touchdown.

With a 14-point lead and the defense really locking in, the Raiders look like they are in complete command. Matt Cassel had a really nice first half after coming on for the injured Brady Quinn, but he slowed in the third quarter.

Meanwhile, the Oakland offensive line is taking control and Darren McFadden is starting to rack up yards. He has 80 yards on the ground now and with the way they are eating up yards and clock on the ground, to go along with their defense, the Raiders are in perfect position to put this game away in Kansas City.